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Leomar Yacht

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14 Şubat 2024 - 16:10

Leomar Yacht


Leomar Yacht: The Meeting of Unique Comfort and Modern Design

Leomar Yacht makes your dreams come true with its modern interior design, first-class equipment and personalized details. Leomar models, with every detail carefully considered, offer you unique comfort.

After the 53 feet, 59 feet and the 60 feet Trawler models, which have been produced since 2004, we are now proud to introduce the 70 feet Trawler model and the Leomar 95 motor yacht to the taste of distinguished boat lovers.

After the Leomar 120 DLx boat was launched on May 30, 2015, we continue the production of the Leomar 62 s and Leomar 150 WLx boats. Additionally, we have started the production of our Leomar 50 CF carbon fiber boat. These boats are designed to offer you the highest level of comfort in narrow waters and open seas.

We follow every step of our boats with great care, from the design phase to the launching process. Our greatest desire is to strengthen our place in the industry and keep this mission alive by using quality materials and new technologies.

We are focusing on the future with two new projects that we will add to the Leomar Yacht series in 2016. The first is the AMBULANCE 36 HLt, designed to provide maritime healthcare services around the world. The other is our LEOMAR 30 Tx sea taxi model, which aims to solve the traffic problem by making changes to its interior design.

In addition, our 9.5-meter super luxury cabin boat, designed by Roberto Curto, with a carbon fiber infused hull and capable of reaching a speed of 50 knots, will be produced for military and private use purposes.

As Leomar Yacht, we are determined to maintain our leadership in the sector with our future-oriented innovative projects. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations while always aiming to provide the highest level of comfort and quality.

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