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Digital Press Campaign

Dear fellow sailors,

We have started to see the effects of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution in the Maritime Sector. We offer Artificial Intelligence Supported Solutions and Strategies in order to compete in this change and achieve success for the future. In the Digital Revolution, Digital Traces are of great importance because Artificial Intelligence provides feedback by tracking the traces in your advertisements. Therefore, the more traces you have in the digital sea, the more effective and accurate information AI can provide.

Catch the Artificial Intelligence Revolution!

As Digital Press, we publish news 10 times in more than 70 Web News Portals in order to increase the digital presence of our maritime friends. Thanks to this, we create more than 700 Digital Traces for each brand. These Traces Allow Artificial Intelligence to Analyse Customer Behaviour and Provide Correctly Directed Feedback to Your Brand.

Digital Ads with Minimum Cost:

In the Digital Age, the Importance of Digital Advertisements is Increasingly Increasing. As Digital Press, we offer digital advertising solutions to our customers with minimum costs. Thus, Growing Your Brands and Strengthening Your Digital Presence Becomes More Accessible.

Payment Facilities:

With the payment facilities we offer in our advertising packages, you can take action immediately and start to benefit from the advantages of the digital revolution.

Let Your Artificial Intelligence Work with Digital Press!

Utilise the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Future Success. As Digital Press Brand, we invite our friends in the maritime industry to take advantage of the advantages of the digital revolution.

Advertising Packages:

Single Advertising Package – ‘First Step Package’:

  • Turkish: 20 Broadcasts
  • English: 50 Publications
  • Total: 70 Publications
  • Advertisement Cost: 4900₺
  • Price Advantage: Normally 4900₺ in total for 70 publications!
  • Ease of Payment: You can benefit from 10 instalments by paying only 490₺ per month for a single advertisement package!
  • Advertising Cost (30% Discount with Advance Payment): 3430₺

Four Advertising Pack – ‘Visibility Booster Pack’:

  • English: 80 Broadcasts
  • English: 200 Publications
  • Total: 280 Publications
  • Advertisement Cost: 9900₺
  • Price Advantage: Normally worth 19600₺ in total for 280 publications!
  • Ease of Payment: You can benefit from 10 instalments by paying only 990₺ per month for the Visibility Enhancing Package!
  • Advertising Cost (30% Discount with Advance Payment): 6930₺

Ten Advertising Pack – ‘Leadership Path Pack’:

  • English: 200 Publications
  • English: 500 Publications
  • Total: 700 Publications
  • Advertisement Cost: 14900₺
  • Price Advantage: Normally worth 49000₺ in total for 700 publications!
  • Ease of Payment: You can benefit from 10 instalments by paying only 1490₺ per month for the Leadership Path Package!
  • Advertising Cost (30% Discount with Advance Payment): 10430₺

Start Your Advertisement with Ease of Payment!

No Credit Card Required, One Word is Enough!

Choose your advertising package and start promoting your business with the opportunity of 10 instalments at the advance price. Grow Your Business by Reaching Large Audiences with Digital Press!

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He Who Dominates the Seas, Dominates the World. Growing the Maritime Sector is our oath.

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